O mnie

My name is Marcin Bauer and I live in Szczecin, Poland.

I’m a self-taught freelance graphic designer specializing in WEB/UX/UI with some background in AS3.0, CSS, HTML and PHP programming. In my carrier I’ve worked on a lot of types of projects with different clients, and programs which have given me experience and knowledge to be very versatile in my work.

Im qualified and have experience working in the programs like:

PsAiFl with support from AeC4DLr

I have experience in writing in:

AS 3.0html5CSS3 and some in phpjs

I also spent some time learning and exploring programs like:


Currently I’m learning and researching topics like:


My native language is Polish. I am proficient in English and I have a FCE Certificate. I believe communication in a team or in working with clients is essential to get the job done. I’m eager to learn new things from others, share my thoughts and insights in order to create great things.

Apart from working as a freelancer right now, I’m also engaged in the dynamic world of startups.
I’m a designer at a startup that I’ve created along with some close friends called eduranto. Recently I’ve also joined the startup team of StopanGo in which I’m supporting their efforts of succeeding in the accelerator program startupbootcamp in Copenhagen.

Hope to work with you someday.